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About Us
Mel & Stephanie Clemmons
Mel & Stephanie Clemmons co-founded the SuperHeroes Foundation because they believe that people are blessed with extraordinary powers. When consistently and effectively applied, these innate powers lead to lives of success and accomplishment.

The SuperHeroes Foundation was established in 2012 to provide youth with the tools needed to empower them for leadership roles. Methods include: mentoring, tutoring, personal coaching seminars, life experiences, self-reflection, and investing in programs that reinforce these skills.

"Our foundation is about believing. It's about believing in yourself where the impossible is nonexistent. It's about understanding there's a force that's so great, it magnifies a strength some might even think is "supernatural".  That's believing...that's a SuperHero!
Welcome to our world where we support the Vision!"
Mel & Stephanie Clemmons
"We want to show young people that anything is possible if you believe."
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Mission Statement
Mission is Possible!

The SuperHeroes Foundation was created to motivate and inspire youth to believe that the impossible is possible.

SuperHeroes accomplish their missions because of their enhanced, broader and richer vision. SHF encourages youth to dream and to
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SuperHeroes Foundation Shield
SuperHeroes Foundation Shield
SHF: Enhances the Vision!
SHF: Supports the Vision!
SHF: Defends the Vision!
The SuperHeroes Foundation Partners dream big and accomplish much. We are pleased to partner with the following community organizations:
  • Annual Empowerment Workshops

  • Mentorships

  • Holiday Giving

  • Special Events
  • Annual College Scholarships

  • Business Development Grants
  • GA Highlands College/Brother
    2 Brother, Cartersville, GA
  • Carrie Steel Pitts Home, Atlanta, GA
  • West High School Band, Knoxville, TN
  • Hands, Feet & Mouth, Inc., Smyrna, GA
  • Roane County, Harriman, TN
  • Sandhill Literacy & Technology Project, Lancaster County, SC
Grants and Scholarships
Annual SuperHeroes Foundation Grants:
The SuperHeroes Foundation is pleased to support the growth and development of small businesses.
Annual SuperHeroes Scholarships:
The SuperHeroes Foundation is pleased to support the education of students motivated to seek their dreams and make a difference in the fields of education and business.
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